June 26, 2016
Pat Lauzon's sister Kathy sent me his obituary from 2001.

It's close to time for our annual class gathering.  This year we'll be 
at the Bluff View Park on North Moore St. in Bessemer, just below the 
bluff on Saturday, July 2nd.

  We have the park for the full day but thought meeting between 1-5 
would work well.  There is a kitchen facility, bathrooms, and a covered 
picnic area in case of rain.  Potluck works so well, so we'll go that 
route again.

Should you want to bring anything special, call Sheila @ 906-932-3232.  
We already have pulled pork/beef with buns and beans spoken for.

  As always, we're looking forward to this gathering, hoping all the 
locals and many more of the out-of-towners from our class will be 
there.  Don't forget that your spouses are welcome.  It's a good time 
for all!

  Feel like you're still able to climb the bluff?  More power to you!

True or False:
The word “mortgage” means “pledge to the death.”

Answer at botton of page.

She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.

I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me. 

No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.

July 6,2015
1st Row Gerald Juntunen Fran Walli Sheila  Hedberg Glenn Korpi  2nd Row Bob Juntunen Mike Pogliano  3rd Row Ken Lake Joh
1st Row Gerald Juntunen Fran Walli Sheila Hedberg Glenn Korpi 2nd Row Bob Juntunen Mike Pogliano 3rd Row Ken Lake John Heikkinen 4th Row Dave Bulinski Dave Carpenado John Johnson Dave Walli
July 6,2014
55th Reunion at Korpi's on Lake Gogebic
The Korpi's planned a superb  get together that we all enjoyed.
July 2,2011
July 2,2011
Left to right: Luetta Paynter Flaa,G.Juntunen,John Johnson, John Heikkinen,Mike Pogliano, Sheila Rice Hedberg, Don Walters,
Ed Smith, Glenn Korpi

Gayle and I enjoyed having everyone over for the annual get together at our house. I think everyone had a good time reminiscing
Plan on being at Glenn Korpi's at Lake Gogebic for the 55th reunion in 2013.
Dave Bulinski and Bob Juntunen left before the photo was taken.

Jerry & Gayle
                                            CLASS OF 1958  50 TH REUNION

1st Row L to R Judy Pricco, Carol Gustafson, Sheila Rice, Mickey Quance, Gordon Hoffman, Paul Chernak, Dave Carpenedo,
  Robert Juntunen,  Claie Semmerling, Willy Brown.

2nd Row Francis Koski, Luetta Paynter, Don Walters, Ken Lake, Dave Bulinski

3rd Row Gerald Juntunen, Dave Walli, Mike Pozega, 

4th Row Gary Stark, John Heikkinen, John Johnson, Mike Poglianio, Glenn Korpi,

5th Row Don Voss, Jerry Giacherio


And at times, it is!

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